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HVAC Preventative Maintenance for Northern Indiana

Routine HVAC maintenance is the best way to prevent costly system failures!

Furnaces and air conditioners are important components of being comfortable throughout the year. We recommend servicing an HVAC system twice a year, once in the spring before utilizing the air conditioning and once in the fall before using the furnace. Thankfully Gnoth & Lukowski provides a package that takes the headache out of maintenance and saves money. If an email is on file, we will send biannual reminders to let you know when it’s time to schedule a maintenance schedule. With routine maintenance, we will test, clean, and make minor repairs to your HVAC system. We do not offer duct cleaning services but will replace your air filters and may recommend a duct cleaning service if needed. 

In the fall we will check the heat pump, heating mode, defrost cycle, backup heating source, ignition, burner assemblies, and heat exchanger to make sure your furnace is clean and working properly. The technician will also test clearances, vents, combustion air, and gas pressure/piping.

In the spring we check the blower, air handler, electrical connections, condenser/evaporator coils, safety controls, and refrigerant pressure to get your A/C ready to cool your home.

While both AC and furnace failures can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous, furnace issues in particular can be catastrophic. The best way to prevent expensive repairs or replacements is by being proactive. With our preventative maintenance package, we can catch problems early and keep your system running right. 

Using this service is a benefit because:

Who is the service for?

Every home or business owner! By having your HVAC system serviced before seasonal use, potential issues can be resolved before they become serious and costly system failures. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally we recommend a furnace be serviced once in the fall, before the heat is used. We also recommend an A/C be serviced in the spring before the temperatures rise. An HVAC system should be serviced twice a year once in the spring (before using the air conditioner) and once in the fall (before using the heat). 

Tune-ups can pay for themselves by catching issues before they become a major problem.

Compared to scheduling seasonal tuneups, our preventative maintenance package will save you at over $20 per service.

Create a clear path to the furnace/HVAC system so we can easily perform the diagnostic checks and maintenance. We will also need some space for our tools.

A trained technician will arrive and once shown the system, will begin diagnostic procedures. 

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