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When you think of your HVAC system you probably think of your furnace and air conditioner, but ventilation is just as, if not more, important to the overall comfort of your home. Your ductwork distributes the warm air from your furnace and cool air from your air conditioner evenly throughout your home. 

So what can go wrong? If ductwork isn’t properly sized for your home and HVAC system, it can cause considerable strain on your HVAC system. Ducts that are too large may not have enough pressure and ducts that are too small may have too much pressure to push the air throughout your home appropriately. In either case, your furnace and air conditioner will have to run more often and work harder to heat and cool your home. 

Other issues include air leaks, blocked airflow, and poorly designed ducts. Improperly sealed or insulated ducts allow air to escape from your ducts into the floors, ceilings, walls, and/or attic instead of making it into the rooms of your home. If you have flexible ductwork, twists and kinks can block airflow. To have the best efficiency, your air needs to have an easy path from point A to point B. Poorly designed ducts may have unnecessary length and/or too many turns that make it difficult for the temperature-controlled air to reach your home. 

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Who is the service for?

Homeowners or business owners wanting to improve energy efficiency and comfort through superior ventilation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ductwork in most homes lasts about 10 to 15 years before any problems arise. If your ducts are more than 15 years old, there is a risk of  gaps developing in ductwork where air can escape, ducts collapsing, and pests entering your home.

Large homes, homes with complex layouts, historic homes, homes with additions or major renovations, and large commercial spaces often require custom ductwork. For all other home and business owners, even if you do not need custom ductwork, having them installed can help improve efficiency and comfort. 

Custom ductwork is built specifically for the size of your home and for your HVAC system. With custom-built air ducts, your warm or cool air is distributed evenly throughout your home to improve comfort. Because of this, you don’t need to run your HVAC system as often and/or as harshly which lowers your energy costs, improves home efficiency, and extends the life of your HVAC system.

Custom-built ductwork can cost anywhere from $10 to $30 per linear foot, but there are several other factors that can add onto the cost. These factors include the size of ducts that need to be built, removal of existing ducts, cutting into floors, ceilings, and/or walls to install the new ducts, and the amount of time required to install the new ducts. Without seeing and/or knowing the home we can’t give an exact estimate, reach out to us and we’d be happy to help.

Clear the area around all vents and registers. If you have ductwork in your attic, make the attic easily accessible for the HVAC technician and move any of your belongings that could be in the path of loose insulation falling from the attic access. 

A trained technician will arrive and will begin evaluating your current HVAC system and air ducts. Once correct measurements are taken, we will return to our office to constructing the air ducts needed for your home. When all of the materials are ready we will work with you to schedule a time for your new ducts to be installed. Keep in mind that the installation process alone can take several days. 

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